Our school hours are 8.00 am - 5.00pm
We offer half day and all day preschool including Kindergarten Readiness and Full Day Kindergarten programs
Ratio: 8 students / 1 teacher

Half Day Preschool

In the Half Day Preschool program, the children will spend the 3 hours of uninterrupted work cycle in the classroom. During these 3 hours, the children will focus on the Montessori curriculum and work on their grace and courtesy, fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, social interaction, self sufficiency and independence. The work cycle will be followed by outdoor recess and lunch time. The parents can choose to pick their children up during outdoor recess time or after lunch time. 

Full Day Preschool

The Full Day Preschool follows the Half Day Preschool​ with nap time. After nap time, they will have 30 minutes of French, Art or Music on selected days of the week. A Free Play session after that will give the children more opportunities to work on their social interaction skills. The day will end with another outdoor recess.

Kindergarten Readiness

Being fully certified as a BC teacher, our Montessori guide has the knowledge and experience to prepare your children to be ready for the important transition into Kindergarten. Children who are moving to Kindergarten the following year will receive close monitoring and thorough guidance to ensure a smooth and confident transition come September. 

Full-day Kindergarten 

The Montessori curriculum is designed for a 3 year program. The kindergarten year is the culminating year of our preschool program. Kindergarten students continue working each morning on their individual lesson plans, as well as socializing with and mentoring younger classmates. As leaders in the classroom, kindergarteners enjoy privileges that come with being the oldest and most experienced students. In the afternoons, the kindergarten students follow a curriculum designed especially for them. In addition, they enjoy field trips, physical education, music, and French.